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Contact us:

Hufschmiedstr. 2/1
D-69168 Wiesloch

Tel. +49(0)6222 305659
Fax +49(0)6222 305664
Email: sales@resonal.com
Internet: www.resonal.com

QuartzCom AG offers technical consulting with design support, training, development and manufacturing of standard components and customized crystal units, oscillators and filters. Focus products are high precision TCXOs made in Switzerland.

QuartzCom AG offers the most innovative design of piezoelectric oscillating components in the market. Together with its customers and suppliers it creates trend-setting solutions. QuartzCom AG guarantees a very reliable and cost controlled production in hiqh quality. Leading electronic manufacturers worldwide choose QuartzCom AG because of the short response time, flexibility, short delivery times and the profound technical support based on long term experience. .

Areas of Competence

• development and production of high precision
TCXOs & VC-TCXOs in Switzerland
• extended frequency range
• high frequency stability
• wide temperature range
• low phase noise and jitter
• high shock and vibration resistivity
• reduced power consumption
• low hysteresis for TCXOs
• small package sizes
• cost reduction capability
• continuous quality improvement
• sophisticated surface mount technology (SMT)

JENJAAN QUARTEK CORPORATION is a professional frequency control devices manufacturer, located in Chung Ho District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

The product portfolio includes quartz crystal units (thru-hole & SMD), crystal oscillators (SMD) and VCXOs (SMD). JENJAAN QUARTEK CORPORATION offers profound know-how, technical support and service to provide the best solution to customers worldwide.

NSK is the worldwide marketing brand of JENJAAN QUARTEK CORPORATION. It has obtained a good reputation for excellent quality, short delivery times and competitive pricing.